New Changes to Celebrate 20 Years

The Camp Good Days Finger Lakes International Wine Competition is one of the largest charitable wine competitions in the United States. To make it even more special, the competition not only benefits a charity, it is facilitated by the charity; Camp Good Days & Special Times.

Camp Good Days & Special Times is a non-profit organization that provides programs and services to children and families impacted by cancer and sickle cell anemia free of charge.  Over the 40 years that Camp Good Days has been in existence, we have served over 50,000 campers from 22 states and 36 countries.

We are excited to announce that in the year of 2020 we will be celebrating the 20th year of the competition! We wanted to showcase this milestone by moving forward with a new title “The Camp Good Days Finger Lakes International Wine & Spirits Competition” and a new logo.

Here is a look back on our previous logos:

Our first logo featured the wine glass and grapes, symbols that we would keep over the next 19 years. The noses represented the importance we placed on having wine professionals as our judges: masters of wine, master sommeliers, wine journalists, wine educators and other internationally certified judges from around the world.


Our second logo which we introduced in 2014 was cleaner, included the title of the competition, and pushed forward the idea of the competition benefiting a charity.


Our most recent logo, which we introduced in 2017 really focused on showing that the competition was unique in that it was not only benefiting a charity but was facilitated by that same charity.


While all of these logos served us well in the past, we wanted to take a leap forward for our 20th anniversary and focus on a few things:

  • Highlighting the Purpose: The entire reason why the competition exists is to raise money for the programs that Camp Good Days provides free of charge to children and families impacted by cancer and sickle cell anemia. The wines that are awarded medals during the competition are then served at the Camp Good Days Wine Auction Dinner; the largest Rochester area fundraiser for Camp Good Days. Adding the purple cancer ribbon (purple to represent all types of cancer) around the wine glass highlights what the competition is all about and drives home the message that the families served by Camp Good Days are the driving force.
  • Broadening the Scope: While the competition has accepted spirits for a few years now, it was never highlighted in the name. We wanted to make sure that it was known that we not only accept and judge wines, we also accept and encourage spirit entries as well. For this reason, we changed the name of the competition to the “Camp Good Days Finger Lakes International Wine & Sprits Competition.”
  • Cleaning up the Look: This new logo is fresh, clean, and playful to keep in the Camp Good Days sprit while also showcasing the professionalism we pride ourselves on. The competition has grown over the years and we have made it paramount that those involved know the wine industry and will hold our competition to the highest standards. Each year, changes are constantly being made to adjust the entry guidelines, the wine and spirit categories, the judges and more, to keep making the competition better.


Thanks to Jeff Tara at Brandvue Design, our thoughts for a new logo were crafted and created into the new logo that will now be featured on all of our print materials, website, promotional items, etc. While the title and the logo of the competition has changed, the essence, the purpose, and the focus on professionalism have remained the same.

Please know that “FLIWC,” the acronym previously used to identify the competition, will remain the same to avoid any confusion.

We hope that you love the new logo as much as we do, and we look forward to the competition coming up on April 4th and 5th in 2020.