Invaluable Volunteers

The Finger Lakes International Wine Competition (FLIWC) is this upcoming weekend!  Over the course of the weekend, there will be over 200 volunteers who dedicate their time to making this competition possible and making sure that it runs smoothly.  Volunteers will wash glasses, pour the wine, and transport the wine to the judges.  One of these volunteers, Sister Francella Quinn from the Sisters of Saint Joseph, has been involved with the competition since it began.


Since she started volunteering for the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition 16 years ago, she has done every job from glass washing to wine pouring to serving the judges.  She likes seeing the returning judges who come back every year and is also eager to meet some of the new judges.  She is excited to be a part of an event that helps to make sure that the children of Camp Good Days can continue to come to camp free of charge.

Sister Francella Quinn started her involvement with Camp Good Days after her sister and brother in law became involved.  At the time when they began volunteering, she was a principal in the Rochester Diocese and was not able to be involved with camp, but after, she helped the spiritual leader at camp at the time, Father David Ambuske.  After he passed away, she assumed the responsibility of being the sole spiritual leader—leading prayers during the summer camping sessions and fundraisers throughout the year, leading the memorial service at camp, and helping out wherever she is needed.  She likes being able to be with the children and help them with anything they are struggling with.

One of her favorite memories of camp is when children come up to her and say, “You look like my grandma!” She also loves when she conducts the memorial service at camp in the camp chapel, and children come up and ask to help.  “It is the greatest feeling because it is a celebration of life, and that is what is most important to the children and that is what matters,” she said.

Sister Francella Quinn has volunteered at Camp Good Days for over 30 years.  She is an invaluable addition to the Camp Good Days family, and is a key volunteer in helping the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition be a success every single year.

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